Month September 2019

Saturday: Morning Start

Get up to a fresh glass of water Reach up with your hands to a beam and hang. Be free. Stretch. Feel your (bare) feet connect with the ground Hot shower. Followed by cold. Breathe. Deep. Be intentional. Salute the…

Friday focus

Do 3 important things for today Do 1 important thing for tomorrow Reflect on the week that’s been Plan for the week ahead Finish early Spend time with family and friends

Deep work 7

Phone switched to airplane mode Timer set for 25 mins countdown Coffee at hand Email tab closed Office door shut Breathe deep Focused. Consider it done.

Higher level thinking

At a time of shrinking attention spans and intolerant tirades over social media, it feels like it is time for us to invest more time into thinking about what we are thinking about. It is useful to frame our thinking…

The very best form of PR

It is rare, but on occasions, business owners get out there and do the most wonderful things. Creating stories that restore our faith in humanity. You don’t need to know much more than the fact that this plumber went and…

Being Creative (and making a living)

I know someone who is super talented at drawing. He’s a talented artist. This person possesses all of the ‘creative’ drawing and illustration skills to flourish as a commercial artist. Potentially earning a very decent living doing something that he…

Saturday 7: Morning

Coffee brewed (slowly) Sour dough toast with marmalade Weekend newspapers Music (something mellow and chilled) Leisurely walk on the beach (happy dog) Plan dinner for later (something extra nice) Head out for the afternoon for family fun