Being Creative (and making a living)

I know someone who is super talented at drawing. He’s a talented artist.

This person possesses all of the ‘creative’ drawing and illustration skills to flourish as a commercial artist. Potentially earning a very decent living doing something that he loves. As there are folk queuing up to buy his latest artistic works. Or to buy the merchandise that is proudly printed with his unique drawings.

Yet there is a problem.

He doesn’t much want to draw ‘on-demand’. To draw commercially. He finds it a chore and feels under pressure. This combination of forces quashes his creative juices.

And so he works a day job that he doesn’t much like and doesn’t get paid much for doing either. This leaves him too tired in the little remaining spare time that he has left to draw. Potential left untapped – maybe forever.

Merging our passions with the ‘day-job’ can often be problematic. Especially for creative skills. Yet if we can find a way to channel at least some of our creative flow into commercial ventures then I believe that we should.

There is a world waiting to see and enjoy our creative skills (many with stuffed pockets!). We need to share it with the world. Especially the more talented amongst us.

The world is waiting…..anticipating….

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