Breadcrumb marketing

I am not the best at marketing my business. I’ll admit that. Not marketing in the conventional sense, anyway.

My marketing spend is minimal. I don’t spend a ton of time on social media either.

Yet, this lack of marketing spend has not stopped a steady stream of leads coming my way that have turned into a steady stream of clients over the past 10+ years.

So where do the stream of leads and, ultimately clients, come from?

My marketing approach has been to scatter ‘breadcrumbs’.

Breadcrumbs that are made up primarily of niche articles, podcasts, recorded webinars and video content. Content that answers a specific question. That demonstrates expertise and authority. Content that also gives a sense of who I am and how I operate.

This widely spread trail of breadcrumbs all lead back to me.

The good thing about adopting a breadcrumb approach is that you don’t know which particular crumb will lead a prospect toward you (Ahem, some direct marketers might say that this is actually a bad thing…).

So the trick is to keep on creating breadcrumb-style content that might one day find itself on the plate of your ideal customer.

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