11 Reasons NOT to become an entrepreneur

  1. You’ll have THE most demanding boss (yourself)
  2. Or THE least demanding boss (yourself) – neither is good!
  3. The odds of success are stacked against you
  4. Being the boss can be lonely
  5. Little or no cover for sickness etc (especially at the start)
  6. The buck stops with you – no-one else to blame
  7. Benefits like employer pension contributions, private health care etc become a distant memory
  8. Rollercoaster income – you might have some great months and some….not so great income months
  9. Getting stuck knee-deep in admin – all those pesky tasks that need to be done
  10. Your family start to forget what you look like
  11. Stress-management becomes a skill that you have to major in

Those are some of the down-sides – what have I missed?

But there are a whole load of positives of becoming an entrepreneur too!

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