Showing up. Being dogged. Getting stuff done

Sometimes I trawl through old blogs that I used to visit in years gone by; to see if they are still going – expecting to see that they (like me!) have given up.

Much to my surprise, many blogs are still active and going strong.

These are authors who have been posting day after day, week after week – many for years. Bloggers like Seth.

I sit back and lament the fact that I have started numerous blogs over the past 10-15 years. And, yes, you guessed it – sacked them off! I stopped turning up.

Then I start to wonder what twists and turns my life could have witnessed if I had carried on? What opportunities I may have missed? People I could have met? Books I could have filled? Places I could have visited?

So many of us start stuff and then (not so long after) we stop it. The art of seeing it through; of keeping going; of being consistent is a dying art.

Maybe if we could just stop chasing shiny objects and avoid distractions, I have little doubt we could get so much more done. Meaningful work. Work that matters. Creative stuff or stuff, in whatever form.

Yet, we allow life to get in the way. We get buffeted by other people’s expectations and life in general.

What if we could put in the work and see it through? Being dogged and persistent. Showing up every day to do the work that matters.

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